Using miDVD Pro

Top Tip: Why is my movie so small and/or why is there no sound?

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is simple: you are looking at the DVD menu.

The first thing you will see when viewing a DVD burnt with miDVD is the DVD menu. To start playing your movie press the play or enter button on your remote control.

If you have multiple movies, use the directional arrows on your remote control to make a selection before pressing play/enter.

The miDVD Pro Interface

Click here to see the main components of the interface.

Quick Start

  1. Use the Media Browser to choose the video files that you want to burn (you can drag files from iTunes or the Finder as well).
  2. Drag and drop the videos into the theme canvas. Re-arrange by dragging if necessary.
  3. Choose a theme for your DVD using the theme selector in the bottom bar.
  4. Give your DVD a title by editing the text above the video thumbnails.
  5. If you want a menu soundtrack for your DVD drag and drop the music file from iTunes or the Finder into the theme canvas.
  6. Click Preview if you want to check what the DVD's going to look like on your TV.
  7. Insert a blank DVD and click Burn.

Using the Media Browser

Media Browser

The Media Browser enables you to browse your computer to find the video files that you want to use in your DVD.

The top window of the browser shows shortcuts to the most common apps and folders where the media files are found. So in video mode, this window shows your iTunes Movies content, iMovie, your Movies folder, etc. Use this window to browse and choose folders.

Tip: You can add shortcuts to your own folders into this window by simply dragging the folder from Finder into the window. In the example shown, the shortcut 'South America 2011' has been added.

The bottom window displays the media files that you can add to your DVD. Select one or more files from this window and drag them into the theme canvas.

Tip: If you prefer you can drag media files from iTunes or Finder directly into the theme canvas.

Selecting Your DVD's Theme

Theme Selection

miDVD themes change the appearance of your DVD menu screen including the font used for the title, the background image, the placement of your video files and the video border colours.

Simply click on the Theme Selector button in the bottom bar and choose a theme.

Adding a Menu Soundtrack

Soundtrack Control

You can add a soundtrack to your DVD project that will play while the DVD menu is on the screen. The soundtrack will loop after 25 seconds.

  1. Drag and drop a sound file from iTunes or Finder onto the theme canvas.
  2. Click on the Soundtrack button in the bottom bar to play the file, set the volume or remove the file.

Previewing Your DVD

You can preview your DVD at any time prior to burning. In preview mode, the interface changes to simulate a TV screen and remote, giving you a realistic impression of how the DVD will play.

Tip: You must have added at least one video to your DVD before you can use Preview.

Simply click the Preview button in the toolbar. You can use the remote to select a video and then play, pause, scan or stop the video.

Click Quit on the remote to exit Preview mode.

Disk Capacity Meter

The Disk Capacity Meter, located at the right end of the bottom bar, shows an estimate * of the DVD space used by your project.

Disk Capacity Normal

When the meter appears white the estimate is based on the capacity of a standard single layer DVD (4.7GB).

Disk Capacity Normal

When the meter appears blue the estimate is based on the capacity of a dual layer DVD (8.5GB).

Disk Capacity Normal

When the meter appears red the estimate is that your project exceeds the capacity of a dual layer DVD (8.5GB).

* The meter only shows an estimate of the disk capacity. The exact capacity is not known until the burn process has started. Regardless of the estimate, you can choose to attempt to burn your project to DVD.


Background Preview Generation - This preference determines when miDVD generates movies for viewing when previewing your DVD.

When selected, miDVD generates previews in the background while you are doing other tasks in miDVD. This means that when you switch to preview your DVD, the preview will display more quickly. However, on less powerful computers this setting may affect your computer's overall performance.

When not selected, miDVD only generates movie previews once you select Preview mode. This means your preview will take longer to load, but your computer's overall performance will be unaffected by preview generation.