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Don't be left out

Be part of the action!

Get in the Loop

Everyone in a Loop can contribute. Take photos, re-organise the loop, add comments - its all there for everyone in the loop.

Across the room and across the World

Loops pushes updates over Wifi and mobile data networks, so you can be shooting in New York and have you friends watching in Sydney - as it happens. No waiting, no syncing.

Facebook, Twitter, and everything in between

Sometimes you want to post to Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Loops makes it super-easy to post to the sites you like as well as going old-school and Emailing.


You control who sees your photos.

Invitation Only

The only people who can see your Loop are the people you invite. The creator of the Loop is always in control. Only the creator can add and remove Loop members.

Easy Access

With a single tap you can see who has access to your Loops. If you don't think someone should be in your Loop, you can drop them off instantly. Need to add someone new? Its easy - just add from your Contacts or put their email straight in.

Everyone's involved

Get involved, have fun!

Everyone can contribute

Every member of a Loop can get involved. Taking photos, updating details of photos - everyone is equal.

The only thing everyone can't do is change members - that's locked down to the Loop creator.

All your devices

Stay in the Loop on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac.

Big Screen - Big Photos

All Loops photos are stored at 1024x768 pixels as a minimum. The Hi-Res option stores everything at 2048x1568 pixels! This makes for great viewing back on the big screen on your iPad or your Mac.


Loops has its very own iPad app which lets your check out your photos in all their hi-res glory.


The Loops Mac app is the 'mother ship' for your photos. Every photo from all your Loops gets synced back to your Mac so that you've got a complete copy. The Mac app is also the easiest way to keep yourself organised, when its time to clean up all those photos of the ground you've taken.

It's Easy

Loops takes care of the clever stuff so you can keep on shooting.

Loops is your new Camera

Loops uses a unique photo-taking mode to let you use Loops as your camera. Open Loops to go straight into Camera Mode and stay in-camera as you shoot away.

Instant Saving

Loops saves your photos to the cloud instantly. No waiting to get to a Wifi hotspot - Loops saves your photos over 3G to get your photos online straight away.

Background processing - no problem

No need to wait for Loops to finish uploading before getting on with your life. As long as you have 3G coverage, Loops will take care of the uploading in the background.

Its fast

We use a cut-down photo size to keep uploads speedy and avoid big data costs. We downgrade to iPad size (1024x768 pixels) so that your photos are small enough to upload quickly but still full quality for iPad viewing.

You can even go 'Hi-Res' and push your photos to the cloud in iPad3 resolution - 2048x1536 pixels.


Free usage to get your started.

No time limits

Loops comes with free usage forever, covering up to 50 items (Photos and Notes). Once you're over the free limit you can still see everything in a Loop, you just can't add new stuff.

Go Pro

Loops is free to a point, but then we have to pay the bills. $5 a year via a simple in-app purchase gets you up to 5,000 Photos and 10 Loops.

Loops App Store LinkLoops Mac App Store Link