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Cosmos - the Video manager you always wanted!

Cosmos is perfect solution for managing large quantities of video on your Mac.

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Cosmos for Mac features:

  • Import - Lightning-fast imports from cameras and hard drives gets you started fast. More...
  • Browse - Browse large amounts of video quickly and easily with the Filmstrip view. More...
  • Organise - sort your videos into Groups and Albums in a way that makes sense to you. More...
  • Photos too - Cosmos handles photos too! Keep all your content in once easy location. More...
  • Export - export a single video, an Album or entire sections of your Library. More...
  • Full feature list and detailed information.


  • OS X 10.6 or greater, and some spare disk space.

Other Information:

  • Cosmos supports AVCHD and AVCHD Lite video and most other major video formats.
  • Supported Devices - Need to find out if your camera or device is compatible? Find it here.
  • View the Cosmos User Guide.
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