Panasonic was first to the home 3D camera market with its HDC-SDT750 (also called the TM750) 3D camcorder. We put up a quick review back in November 2010 and now it's time to show you how to edit 3D!

The Panasonic camcorder came with some software to do importing from the camera and simple edits on a PC but, as usual, nothing for the Mac. We've updated both Cosmos and RevolverHD to take care of this.


First, go and shoot some footage. Keep in mind the limitations of 3D - there is no zoom and the depth of field is quite shallow so you need to keep your subject between 6 and 10 feet away.

Once you have your footage, it's time to get it off the camera and into your Mac.

If you want to try this 3D game out, but you don't have a 3D camera, feel free to download our sample disk image containing 3D footage straight from our camera. You will need a Panansonic 3D TV to view the results though.


There are two ways to do this - using Cosmos or doing a manual copy from the camera's filesystem to your Mac.


Fire up Cosmos and plug in your camera. Cosmos will do the rest!

Manual Import

Plug in your camera and wait for the SD Card to mount as a drive. Drill into the drive and go into PRIVATE/AVCHD/STREAM to find the video clips. Copy the whole lot to your hard drive somewhere for safe keeping, then eject and switch off your camera.


Now load up your clips into RevolverHD. If you use Cosmos to import and manage your clips, just navigate to the album containing your clips and right click to 'Send to Revolver'.

If you imported manually, find your MTS video clips and drag them onto RevolverHD.

Once your clips are in RevolverHD you can run a preview and set in/out points to trim the clips as required. If you find some dud clips in there, just remove them from the list.


Your simple edit is now complete and it's time to export.

We have added a special TV Export option for Panasonic TVs to create the file structure that Panasonic requires for 3D playback.

The export that you create will playback directly on the TV, straight from your USB drive, so go and find a USB drive and stick it in your Mac.

Click on TV Export in RevolverHD. On the next screen select Panasonic as the TV type and select your USB Drive as the destination for your Export.

RevolverHD now does its magic, trimming your clips then putting them into a structure to play back on your TV.

Eject your drive and plug it into your 3D Panasonic TV. Enjoy!

The process described here works just as well for regular 2D high definition video too. For quick edits and perfect quality HD playback, its a great way to go.


Hi will there be any new software to support editing of TD10 Files on a mac , something just to do simple editing would be fantastic as nobody has developed this
software yet , whoever does it first will sell thousands........

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TD10 support

Sorry, but we've got no plans to do this right now.

The 3D editing in Revolver for the Panasonic cameras has not been hugely popular, so we can't justify putting the required effort in to support the Sony 3D format.


I just bought a Sony HDR-TD10 and i need a MVC converter to export to Blu-Ray. No editing necessary. I just want to put my 3D clips on a Blu-Ray. Please someone help!



Does Cosmos and RevolverHD work with the Sony HDR-TD10 files?


Sony HDR-TD10

We have some TD10 samples but the video format is very different to the Panasonic. This means its not east for us to support the Sony without a fair amount of work.

We will do some prototyping on the TD10 next month, but we can't promise anything on when we will actually support the TD10.

3D MVC file flavors from JVC and Sony

As announced in my parallel posting, the 1920x1080 50i PAL test files (each app. 50 MB) can be downloaded within 120 days via the following links:

a) JVC-GS-TD1:

b) Sony-HDR-TD10:

Good luck with trying to edit them.

BR Falk Kuebler