At Shedworx, we've been working hard on the next big thing.

This next big thing is curbi - an amazing new parental control system for iOS devices!

Based on our own very real frustrations dealing with our children and their iOS device usage, we decided in early 2013 to do something about it.

curbi does these things, never before possible for iOS devices:

  • Management - set rules for online activity. Block everything for Bedtime and social media for Study Time.
  • Protection - curbi's content filter is always on and always blocking adult and damaging content
  • Monitoring - see all traffic going to the device, from all apps

In addition to these core functions, curbi is the first ever 'always on' solution. At home on Wi-fi, mobile data and any public Wi-fi, curbi is always on the job.

Finally, curbi has been built for parents, not IT departments. Our curbi iPhone app is full-functioning, so that all curbi functions are available on the iPhone.

We haven't dropped the ball on the Shedworx apps either. Maintenance upgrades to the big name Shedworx apps - Smart Converter, Music Converter and miDVD - are in the works and coming soon to an App Store near you.

curbi has a 14 day Free Trial, so try it for yourself today!