Voltaic, Revolver and Cosmos updated

All three of the Shedworx AVCHD apps have been updated with a few key fixes and Mountain Lion support.

We have updated our core AVCHD engine with a couple of key updates.

50p/60p support

Over the past few months camera manufacturers have released new AVCHD variants in the 50p and 60p area.

50p (and 60p) are the highest level of HD recording available on consumer camcorders today. The 50p refers to the 50 full (progressive) frames per second that these cameras can record. The video from these cameras is the absolute best quality available today.

We have supported the initial 50p and 60p formats used by Panasonic since 2010 so this update covers all 50p and 60p recording formats from all AVCHD camera manufacturers.

LPCM audio support

LPCM is a pro-level audio format used in Pro video cameras.

Over the past year more and more Pro video cameras have moved to the AVCHD video format, away from vendor-specific video formats.

As they have moved into AVCHD, these Pro cameras have begun using LPCM audio, rather than the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio that consumer camcorders use.

LPCM has always been in the AVCHD spec, its just that nobody was using it.

This update to our AVCHD apps now supports LPCM audio in AVCHD videos.

Mountain Lion

We've also updated all the apps to be signed with the Shedworx Developer Certificate. This allows our apps to be installed and run on Mountain Lion under the default OSX security setting which prevents the execution of non-signed apps.

Voltaic, Revolver and Cosmos are now available for Download from shedworx.com or via Automatic Update from the applications themselves.

All three apps should be available via the Mac App Store within a couple of weeks. We submitted them today.

miDVD Pro - discounted launch price!

miDVD Pro Mac App Store Link

miDVD Pro is our brand-new DVD creator that builds on the features of miDVD, and it's now live on the Mac App Store!

miDVD (the free one) has shot up the Mac App Store charts on its first day. It's now number 4 and rising on the Video free app chart in all major countries.

miDVD Pro gives all of this:

  • Smart Themes - great looking themes for your DVD menu. The themes automatically adapt to the number of movies you have.
  • Multiple Movies - each miDVD project can hold up to 16 movies.
  • Projects - save your miDVD Project files for later or.
  • Soundtracks - add music of your choice to your DVD menu.
  • everything from miDVD - and of course everything else from miDVD - media browser, previewing, top quality conversions, etc, etc

miDVD Pro is $19.99 as a special discounted launch price. Do yourself a favour and get it today!

miDVD live on the Mac App Store!

miDVD Mac App Store Link

miDVD is now live on the Mac App Store!

miDVD is our brand-new DVD creator for the Mac. We've developed miDVD from the ground up to give you the easiest and simplest DVD creator available today.

Building on our success with Smart Converter and Music Converter, miDVD redefines how DVD burning should be done. Try it out today and see for yourself.

miDVD is FREE for a limited time. Do yourself a favour and download it today!

miDVD available now

Introducing miDVD

Today we launched miDVD and miDVD Pro on shedworx.com.

miDVD is a DVD creator for 2012 and beyond. iDVD is gone and the Mac App Store is overrun by PC DVD burners ported to the Mac. Its time to fight back :)

We've done two versions - basic and Pro.


miDVD is a simple, lightweight DVD creator with no settings or controls. Its as simple as a DVD creator can be. miDVD is FREE for the launch, but will go to $4.99 after that.

miDVD Pro

miDVD Pro has everything you need to burn DVD movies and nothing you don't. Themes, multiple movies, background music and miDVD projects make up miDVD Pro for $19.99.

Why do a DVD creator in 2012?

Good question! We thought long and hard before going down this path. DVDs are a thing of the past, right?

Well, wrong. Have a look at the top apps in Video category on the Mac App Store and you see the real story. We all need to burn DVDs now and then.

We looked at all the apps in the Mac App Store and to be blunt, they were pretty average. That's because they were all PC apps ported to the Mac.

Based on the success of Smart Converter, we know that people need simple things. Apple has known this for 30 years. So we set about to build a DVD creator for 2012 and beyond.

The result is miDVD and miDVD Pro. We're really happy with the way they've both turned out. Simple, clean and a pleasure to use. Try them for yourself!

What's with the icon?

We decided that there was no way we were going with a "DVD with flames on it" icon! So what else works?

We asked ourselves what DVDs we have burnt over the past few years. The answer was always the same - home movies. What kind of home movies then? Pretty much always holidays.

So we sent our icon on holidays. We've got the blue beach umbrella for miDVD and the red umbrella for miDVD Pro. They are both great creations from the IconFactory.

What's next?

Today we submitted miDVD and miDVD Pro to the Mac App Store, so in a couple of weeks we will be live on the App Store and extending our plans for world domination in the video app market :)

After that - we'll see what happens. We think the next big thing for miDVD Pro will be slideshows.

Cosmos 2.4.0 - updated and HALF PRICE!

Cosmos 2.4.0 is out now on the Mac App Store and shedworx.com - and it's now half the original price!

This update moves Cosmos away from syncing with online Cosmos accounts, back to being a video manager.

We have decided to re-focus Cosmos back on video management so that we can move the (old) Cosmos iOS application and service in a new direction.

In the coming months we will re-launch the Cosmos iPhone and iPad photo-sharing app with a new name to focus on what this app can be used best for.

For those people using the desktop version of Cosmos to manage their Cosmos account, stay-tuned. We will have a FREE version of the renamed Cosmos out soon to let you manage your online account easily.

Smart Converter Pro 1.4.3

Smart Converter Pro Icon
Smart Converter and Smart Converter Pro version 1.4.3 are now available on the Mac App Store and shedworx.com.

This updates brings in support for the Apple TV 2, the iPad 3 and iPhone 4.

The new presets for Apple TV and iPad support video up to 1080p with higher bit rates.

We have left the main presets (the ones on the main Smart Converter window) at lower settings because you really can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, especially on an iPad.

The new high resolution settings can be found under the 'Other' menu.

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